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Tensile Structure Manufacturer

Tensile Structure Manufacturer


Tensile structure manufacturer - Ekra Decor gives you a wide variety of retractable tensile structure Manufacturer in India. We are recognised as the fastest growing Tensile Structure manufacturer in india.

Tensile structure has been the demand of the modern world. The old hard structures are replaced by the highly tensile structures. Every area is being explored by the modern man for innovation and technology. Now a day’s people who once relied on hard structure believe in high tension structures called tensile structures.Tensile structure is an innovation. Tensile structure was initially used for making tents and tent huts but now a day’s people are utilizing it in circus, mountaineering etc. It is a new advent in architectural industry of Tensile structure.

Tensile structures are known for their tension, but no compression and bending property. In olden days there were very few companies dealing in this area but with the advent of technology and high demand of the tensile structures, now one is able to find many companies dealing with tensile structures. Ekra Decor Pvt Limited is one of the bench marks in the field of tensile structures. This company is known for high quality tensile structures. It’s not the only product of New Arts Structure India rather it produces a number of furniture as well. Categorization of tensile structure

Tensile structures are available in a variety of categories depending on the use. In broad terms tensile structure has been divided into linear structures, three dimension structure and surface structure. Linear structure includes suspension bridges, draped cable, cables stayed beams, cables trusses and straight tension cables. Three dimension structures include bicycle wheel, 3D cables, temerity structures and tensairity structures. Surface structures includepre stressed membranes gridshell and fabric structure. So people have a variety of tensile structure for different genres.

Ekra Decor is one of the most reputed Tensile structure Manufacturer and producer in India. Its variation in a variety of structural designing contributions and has been serving given that 1998. The construction and tensile structure manufacturing work are very well carried out by way of making use of state of unique art technology and modern machinery equipment. The completed products are repellent to the complete weather condition and designed according to the high quality global Tensile Structure Manufacturing works in India.